About Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price

Born in 1977, this Maryland native is a software engineer, a furry artist/writer, a transit and train enthusiast, and general creative guy.

He coined the term "multifurry", to mean an anthromorphic (humanoid) animal with more than it's share of limbs for its species.

He has created the web comic "Stalag '99", set in the "Canmephian Realm", sadly in hiatus. As of 2018, he embarked on the "Throng" series of novels.

When not working at a major Internet hosting/colocation firm and commuting by MARC train, he draws, writes, and bothers his cat.

His main "original characters" are RedWolf (Actor-class Canmephian Drygerskunk) and Vox (multifurry cougar).