Timeframe Syncing

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Various inhabited planets and stations use different representations of time. This page describes how to sync them.

In this page, you may assume Sol 3 standard measurements of hours, minutes, and seconds.

Planetary Timeframes

  • Canmephian System -- Canmeph 2 runs a 28 hour day, with minor adjustments. Canmeph 3, 5, and the Babylon stations sync against this timeframe.
  • Terranian System -- Sol 3 runs a 24 hour day, with minor adjustments.
  • Serpentine System -- Until further study, this information is unknown.


  • Between Canmephian and Terranian Systems -- Both governments, schollars, news agencies, and laypeople recognize Jan 1st, 2400, 00:00:00 on Sol 3 as also being Jan 1st, 6000, 00:00:00 on Canmeph 2. All date math now uses this fact to recalculate times.
  • Canmephian law requires resyncing of times after jumping from Hyperspace. Timeservers are provided via the Intergalactic Network Gateways.