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From a conversation on FurryMuck:

MiaFillene pages, "The TurtleChick evolved to survive crossing the road. :)" to you.

You page, "They're named "Terraken" and are bred in a controlled enviroment -- toll roads in select cities." to MiaFillene.

You page, "Normal cars are impervious to them, thus requiring a specially mounted scoop." to MiaFillene.

You page, "Because of this, Terraken meat is rather tender no matter how you cook it, but the less-hit specimens are worth more because it takes less effort to crack the shell." to MiaFillene.

You page, "Mexico is the prime exporter of Terraken meat, after it's discovery plus the complete lock-down of the US/Mexico border. Immigrants discovered the hybrid bird/terp while crossing the other way and avoiding traffic." to MiaFillene.

MiaFillene pages: In a page-pose to you, MiaFillene snerkles. Of course, many immigrants died harvesting these initial TerraKen, due to constant poaching of the highways. ;)

You page, "Half the toll on those Mexican roads go towards identification and burial of those immigrants who unsuccessfuly switched to Terraken farming." to MiaFillene.

You page, "A quarter goes to the government and the rest is used to buy feed and pay workers." to MiaFillene.

You page, "Unfortunately, profits are small due to the repeated need to give workers Hazard pay." to MiaFillene.

You page, "Thankfully, Terraken has taken it's own place among Earth's duck and phesant for rarer meats, reserving the Texas Chook, aka the MacroChicken, as the everyday fur's meat." to MiaFillene.