Stonehenge Magistry

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The Stonehenge Scrolls are the lowest level of magic, encompased into a language called Magescript. Discovered and deciphered by WolfSkunk Reversi in the post Cobrawolf era, the magic taught by the scrolls involves seven different disciplines that must be mastered:

  • Alchemy -- Material and Chemical magic
  • Psyche -- Mental magic
  • Physics -- Motional magic
  • Dimentionalism -- native string tweaking
  • Ki -- Energy magic
  • Chaotism -- Chaotic (Quantum) magic
  • Bionomy -- Life and Medical magic

A student gains one tail to indicate his intrest and research, but once mastered, gains the extra tail. There are a handful of nine-tailed furs, having delt with only a few of the disciplines (including Reversi, who has mastered Alchemy, Bionomy, Psyche, and Physics).

Students do not need to have any special inherrent ability to use Magescript; TPK capable furs are more likely to pick up Magescript as a means to understand their abilities and enhance them, and thus are able to quickly attain four tails to a max of five.

Many have come close to 15 tails -- but no active 15 tailed fur has known to exist. Some 14-tailed furs have disapeared.