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Welcome to the Canmephian Public Library
Limited access granted to: IP4 connection through Sol 3 gateway @ Sol 3 Embassy

Hello from Canmeph 2! Welcome welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay among the stacks here at the Canmephian Public Library (CMPL). We are a 100% digital library with paper backups and a tie-in with the local bookstores. If you find yourself wanting to buy the book in digital form, let us know -- we'll apply your late fees to your purchase.

Cultures in the Canmephian Universe
WolfSkunks/Drygers CobraWolves BoaWolves Canmephian Ferroxen
Notable furs Universe FAQ
Cultures outside the Canmephian Universe


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A Note to CanmephWiki Writers and Editors

The CanmephWiki concentrates around the Canmephian universe present in Stalag '99. While the wiki is publicly modifiable (w/account), please restrict yourself to the Canmephian universe. Spam is not tolerated.