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Welcome to the Canmephian Public Library 

Limited access granted to: IP4 connection through Sol 3 gateway @ Sol 3 Embassy

Hello from Canmeph 2! Welcome welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay among the stacks here at the Canmephian Public Library (CMPL). We are a 100% digital library with paper backups and a tie-in with the local bookstores. If you find yourself wanting to buy the book in digital form, let us know -- we'll apply your late fees to your purchase.

We're a bit buzy since changing from Anything to Wikipedia format, but we belive the change is good, especially for those who are documenting our various cultures. Of course, you may just be intrested in your favorite celeberty fur. We document them here too, although it's public information.

Just want to browse the stacks? Start here. Need a FAQ? We have one here with definitions to some terms.



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A Note to CanmephWiki Writers and Editors

The CanmephWiki concentrates around the Canmephian universe present in Stalag '99. While the wiki is publically modifiable (w/account), please restrict yourself to the Canmephian universe.