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This is a list of guides and single-topic help files for the MediaWiki software. It is compiled at You may wish to contribute to this project and import this help into your site. This page is sorted by user type. This help does not cover site-specific conventions, it is for the software only. Enjoy!


Detailed Introduction | Help overview

MediaWiki is a free software wiki engine licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is used by many websites, including this one.

For Installers

See mw:Category:Installation

For readers

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For editors

Template:Editor toc

For moderators

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For administrators

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  1. ISBN links
  2. Common stop words
  3. Keyboard shortcuts
  4. How to move a wiki to another server


  1. Sites using MediaWiki
  2. Browser issues with MediaWiki
  3. Page metadata


  1. #mediawiki #wikipedia
  2. Mailing lists
  3. MediaWiki feature request

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