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Fiend class WolfSkunks are Polyorchid Breeder WolfSkunks. They have at least eight testicles in total, and a completely predatory sexual nature -- all they want to do is spill semen, and they make virtual floods of it. There are three types:

Mild: A Mild Fiend is your basic fiend w/o any regenerative powers.

Hot: A Hot Fiend adds on a constant growth of extra testicles, as well as the testicle size. More urgency is placed on removing Hot Fiends.

OverFiend: Intelligence points to a multi-headed, genetically manipulated WolfSkunk helping the Cobrawolves with tactics. However, it's unknown why the OverFiend has not pointed out the weak steel used in Cobrawolf construction.

Historical analysis has shown that these Fiends were introduced by the Cobrawolves, and that the only way to control these menaces was to kill them. It is the only known case of legal homicide at this time beyond accidental death.