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Ferrox culture is both simple and complex, depending on how you look at it. On the surface, the ferrox appear to be a ragtag mob who have little respect for 'Law and Order.' But further study uncovers other aspects of their society. The ferrox value free expression, and encourage each-other to pursue whatever interests them. Some Ferroxen engage in a variety of activities. They have created pictures, stories, music, and other arts and crafts for each-others pleasure. Others are known to study the ways of combat and martial arts. Many ferrox are knowledgable in the ways of magic, and are respected by others of their kind.
Ferroxen have very few taboos, and welcome new ideas. Pleasure and fun are the core of Ferroxen ideals, and they want to share it with everyone.


The ferrox outlook is one where the individual is free to do what they want, as long as it doesn't have a negative impact on others. In addition to incorporating some of the more open-minded human philosophies, the ferrox have come up with a few of their own. A ferrox can belong to as many such groups as sie wants, or none at all. Converts are gained via enticement, and persuasion, never by force or scare tactics.
Due to circumstances in their past, and their current social trends, Ferroxen find it difficult to place faith in any kind of diety. The most powerful ferroxen have a tendency to view themselves as equal, or superior, to ancient Terran Gods.

Here is a sampling of various ferrox 'religions'.

  • Via Voluptas: A philosphy that encourages one to experience pleasure as often, and as many different ways, as possible. Intoxicating substances, sexual practices, sensual indulgence, are all used to enhance creative expression.
  • Duara-De-Aushi: A philosophy that encourages harmony, coexistence with and preservation of the environment, and the animals and plants that live in it. Members have a deep understanding and respect for the cycles of Nature.
  • Bo Zuan: A philosphy that encourages perfection and unification of ones body, mind, and spirit, so that one moves with purpose and without hesitation. This ferroxen martial art was developed to fit their physiology.

Since they have focused so much on their spiritual side, ferroxen are unfamiliar with most technology, both Terran and Xeno. With time and training, an individual ferroxen can learn how to use and operate a device. The race as a whole, is at the equivalent of the early industrial age.


The Ferrox have a number of customs that serve to unify the race.


Zanzenbeki refers to any festive occasion that the ferrox feels warrants a celebration. Zanzenbeki can be declared at any time, not limited to any set schedule, so it's difficult to plan for it. Zanzenbeki is used to share art, stories, music, food, ideas, information, etc.
Zanzenbeki has its own guidelines, that serve to maintain decorum during the festival.
  • No-one can be turned away from a Zanzenbeki unless they behave in a hostile manner, or threaten to disrupt a Zanzenbeki.
  • The one who calls a Zanzenbeki is the Host, and is responsible for the entertainment, well-being, and behavior of all guests.
  • A Zanzenbeki cannot be called during another Zanzebeki. This is considered rude and disruptive.
  • A Zanzenbeki will go on until it is over, usually when everyone is tired and in need of rest. It's not uncommon for Zanzenbekis to last for days.
  • Zanzenbeki is for fun. Anything or anyone that curtails the fun of another is considered disruptive to Zanzenbeki.