Ferrox Anatomy

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Base information

Ferret/fox mix, from head to tail.

Canmephian -- genetically compatible. 9'-12' tall

Tubelike body shape, a wedge-shaped muzzle, ears would be rounded triangles. Long brushy tail. Torso has additional row of adbominal muscles in lengthened torso.

Functionally herm. Depending on genetics, may appear male or herm.

Coloring from Yellow to Indigo (Yin spectrum), with occasional white or black coloration. Spots and stripes sometimes occur.


Common to canmephians

  • Multiple limbs (1-2 extra pairs)
  • Multiple eyes (1-2 extra)
  • Multiple heads (1-2 extra)
  • Multiple breasts (1-6 extra)
  • Multiple phalli (1-3 extra cocks)
  • Multiple testes (1-3 extra pairs)
  • Winged (Commonly furred or feathered. 1 in 10 chance of scaled wings. 1-4 pairs)
  • Taur (Morphic upper body, non-morphic lower body)
  • Polymorphic (Able to assume a variety of shapes)
  • Conjoined (Joined at the tail, or sharing the same body)
  • Extendible neck/spine/tail(s) (Vertebrae can be separated for extra flexibility)
  • Phallomorphic (Functional phalli within tongue, nipples, and tail(s))

Ferrox Only

  • Male appearance. (The ferrox lacks breasts, but still possessess a penis and a vagina)
  • Increased jaw strength (Able to crush bones)
  • Elongated torso (increases height, and allows extra flexibility)
  • Hypersensitivity (Senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, convey much more information)