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A furry that possesses extra limbs, fingers, heads, tails, etc... or the opposite (which is sometimes called MonoFurry).
Four-armed, two chested. Comes from Epic Megagame's Unreal.
As in Centaur, but when added to a species name, means a morphic top body with a non-morphic bottom body, similar in configuation to that of a centaur
Like normal taurs, but with an extra bottom body where the tail should be. See Tazel Sixpaws.
Instead of a non-morphic bottom body, having a morphic bottom body. The top's torso is connected at the neck of the bottom body.
Unfortunately, there's not one good short answer. Instead, check out Mongoose.Net. It's a good portal for all furry.
SPUTUM's main mode of communication. In the comic strip, it refers to a private IP network all trained SputWolfSkunks (including RedWolf) have (there are a group of four Sputs who did not receive training due to their parents -- unfortunately, they are quite insane by any standard and are cared for by the Sputs).

Questions about WolfSkunks/Drygers

  • Why do you keep mispelling "her" or "she"?

WolfSkunks are true ideal hermaphrodites -- basically both male and female. "Hir" and "shi" are what I use for this third gender. Drygers have three genders (male, female, and herm) due to an even stranger anatomy different of anything humanoid or Chakat/Canmephian.

  • What's with those bust sizes? A 'ZZZZ'? Geesh, how large is that?

Some folks have asked "How do I get those bust cup sizes correct?" when I play my WolfSkunk character online. Here's the answer. It's modified from the formula S.Court(aka pixelust) uses.

Lets take "B" to be the a standard bust measurement in inches.
Lets also make "C" the cup size's letter designation(1=A all the way to 26=Z),
   while "M" is how many times that letter appears.          

If B is less than 4 inches:
    C is equal to B, and M equals 1 
Else if B is greater than 3 but less than 50:
    Divide B into 2, add 2 to the result, and call that C. 
    If B is even, M equals 1. If B is odd, M equals 2.
Otherwize, B's greater than 49:
    Subtract 50 from B, and divide the result by 26. Do this using long
    division, you want two whole numbers (the whole number result and the remainder)
    Take the whole number result of the division, add 3, and call it M.
    Take the remainder, add 1, and call that C.

Thus, if your bust measurement is 80 inches (remember, you're roughly double size if you're a WolfSkunk or Dryger), you'll be a EEEE cup. I think RedWolf's an FFF most of the time.

  • What's with the extra ring finger?

Added grip proved to be an advantage. Plus, it's kinda my trademark. :)