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Canmephians who can lengthen their torso along their spine have the Ferret mutation. More common in Nali WolfSkunks, they are able to shrink back down, but some decide to be permanently lengthened. Taurs with this mutation can lengthen all their torsos. Some such Canmephians have become the equivalent of Sol 3's Dachshunds.

(( Ferret used to be called Naga ))

When the ability to stretch extends to all of the spine, including the neck and tail, the mutation is called Draconic. Necks stretched beyond a few feet cause the head to fix itself parallel to the neck, requiring more neck movement. Some WolfSkunks with the Draconic mutation have stretched their necks out permanently like this, while others take one step further in tying themselves into knots and braiding themselves.

Almost all Drygers are Draconic. All Polymorphs are Draconic.