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Some Canmephians are joined together (conjoined) when they are adults, sharing one part or almost all of a body. This is usually done durring a long lasting marrage, and after a throughal psychological exam of both couples, plus a recoding of both couple's DNA. Such a conjoinment is a very long term committment and is very perament.

Some conjoinments are done magically by Drygers.

Temporary conjoinment of the tails is done as a trial and under looser conditions. Some younger adults have conjoined their tails for long-lasting dates, only to sepearate later when they have no other option.

Polymorphs can conjoin eazily with other polymorphs by their nature, or imitate a conjoined pair.

It is to note that Researcher and Historian based Canmephians are not Conjoined Canmephians. WolfSkunk Stryker, a Polymorphic WolfSkunk, is not a Conjoined Canmephian.