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First generation CobraWolves are a militaristic race, bent on accellerating Darwin's theories. A warrior race. Sparta would be proud.

NOTE: some items here are sketchy as best, as many spies sent to gather information have been unusually caught and returned after a short interrigation -- shortened by death. Hopefully, more information can be gathered as not all Canmephian spies have been caught.

NOTE: In this document, all references are on First Generation CobraWolves.


CobraWolves are "inverse hermaphrodites," having a male, draconic body and an inlet for both genitalia. The vagina is up top, penis below. The penis is internal, just like the slim-yet-strong build common with the species.

Having sex with oneself and producing a clone is a death-penalty offence for host and ofspring.

Children look humanoid, but starting at puberty, much of the muscle and torso length is attained at the cost of leg reabsorption. At age 21, the most popular form of CobraWolf is apparent -- a long torso with shorter legs and a longer "tail," as the changeover to a more snakelike torso begins. Adults are draconic in appearance due to long torsos and no leg. Torso growth contines, if slowed, by age. Fur is only apparent in mohawk-like fashion extending from the head down the back and ending a few feet from tailtip.

CobraWolf poison disables a person for a week. It's a selective muscle relaxant.

CobraWolves are dammed hard to kill because they regenerate most of their body in 48 hours. However, hitting the major organs including the brain, depriving them of oxygen, or using high exploses kills them.

Skin shedding happens every few months.

CobraWolves have stereo scent. Yes, they flick their tounge.

CobraWolves are dark colored, but to varying pattens which ID them. A 256x256 square block of scales contains enough information for identification.


There are only two major mutations:

Leaders are more often Naga CobraWolves, having four arms.

Tacticans always have four eyes, totally dark but with perfect vision. Better than eye implants, they are exempt from certian medical "enhancement" proceedures.

The Kaizer(head commander and dictator) is almost always a Naga/Tactictian mix.

Mutants not listed above are killed after hatching as being inferior. The only thing overlooked is missing legs -- both types are taught to slither.

Birth to Soldier

CobraWolves are hatched. The parents lay eggs. Insemination is by inserting a long cock up into the receiver/mother and releasing a sperm soup. Breeding is part of military service, a final part.

As soon as they grow past diapers, they go into schooling... uuhhh... training, actually. By the time they are 18 years old, they're ready for the front lines and the social life (as much as it is). As they go through military service, the continue training in muscularity as their bodies start changing over from legged to unlegged. A few CobraWolves with enough seinority become Generals and Admirals in traditional style. The remainder go into breeding retirement until their life span of about 50 years (Sol 3 time, remember?) is over.


Due to the need for security, natural foliage is preserved or replaced. Gurella warfare is part of the training. Unfortunately, this is done too well, as many assumptions are made about security.

The Love of War

CobraWolves belive that spies gather better information than POW's, and so will return POW's, because they're useless.

Dead enemies are also returned. Casket provided, no charge.


There are only battles that highlight CobraWolf history, within two epochs. The former is called the Unification Wars, which brought the planet together. The latter, on going at this time, is mainly called the Expansion War by CobraWolves. Everyone uses the more acurate Blackhole or Plonk Wars, since everytime a troop launches, they're beaten back home and declared not good neihbors. Every time stronger methods are used.

CobraWolves have heard of the Black Hole of Calcutta. They say that's its just hype. Ed: They say wrong.

There has been four Plonk Wars within known Canmephian military history. The third Plonk War introduced a new class of biological warfare -- the Polyorchid mutation and the Polyorchid Breeder or Fiend Wolfskunk. While the Polyorchid mutation has been handled very well with society (and nature responding with the Hentai mutation), Fiends have always required a shoot-on-sight policy for their disruptive behavor.

Canmephian spys have discovered several resources, which cannot be disclosed at this time due to multiple security reasons.


There are two different levels of technology advancement that CobraWolves are at:

  • In the realm of computers and medical technology, they are advanced to the ability to modify DNA and produce highly desirable results.
  • However, their steel and metalurgic skills only produce Titatic-like steel. Even a grenade can knock out a ship. The high-grade metalurgicals have several flaws, keeping it strong, but unflexable and prone to breakage.