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The judiciary system is more advanced than that of Sol 3. It's main goal is to be bored -- there should be no dispute requiring judicial action. When there is, a trial is held.

Law enforcement

Detective class WolfSkunks carry the bulk of the police force, but all classes have put in their place. Some of the more investigative wings, such as Homicide, have Detectives paired with Observers.

At a policefur's disposal is the limited ability of search, seise, and arrest. A policefur also carries a pistol, usually a Glock WS-48 gaussgun. This pistol carries two types of bullets in addition of a beam (phazer) weapon: standard gunfoam used to disable, and silver-tipped lead designed to destroy if need be. Police are trained to shoot to disable, first using the beam weaponry. Should it be required, the "furkillers" can be used, but they must be aimed to kill.

Search warrants are a bit different. A judge may order a search of a person, a place, or a thing to look for a particular peice of evidence. They are legal when there is enough initial evidence to narrow a suspect down, and there is a minimal ammount of vagueness. (The courts have decided vagueness on a case-by-case basis).

If a person is caught, they are held and brought before a judge for a bail hearing, then tried at a certian date. Turning yourself in voluntairly will be noted.

Officers arresting criminals must remind the suspects of their "Miranda Amendment" rights. Everyone always have those rights, but you must acknoledge and understand them. If you do not, you are deemed not sane to assist in your defence and automatically taken for psychological assessment.

Before the judge.

Courts are held by a judge, usually of Observer-base class. Prosecutors must reproduce the crime with a good probability to success, while the defence tries to cut down that probability by challenging the evidence. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

There is no trial by peers. Due to many before-the-camera antics of lawyers, a trial by judges is done. No jury judge, made of knowledgable lawyers and trial judges, may have any cases pending while they are hearing a case. Deadlocked jury cases are broken by the presiding judge. An emotional defence only makes the jury vote to be annoyed. No cameras are allowed in the courtroom.

Lawyers, required by law for all parties, cannot abuse the judical system lest they risk annoying the judge (which carries a hefty fine). Lawyers who continue to piss off the judge are banned from the case; repeat offenders investigated and disbarred. The trial is automatically delayed if a lawyer is removed from the case by a judge for appeal or search.

Long trials, longer than four months, are discuraged -- judges get annoyed by length. Thus, a Fastrack motion is availible. When granted, both sides are to submit their evidence and initial depositions within three weeks of the motion approval date. Once both sides turn in the evidence, the judges take a week to pour through it, before going into the court room and calling witnesses for cross examination. Cross examination is limited to four weeks unless waived by the judges.


Criminal penalties range from fines, to reeducation by SputWolfSkunks, to incarceration for study, to death. Depending on the circumstances behind the crime, incarceration for mental defect is allowed.

If death is ordered by a jury or an appeals court judge, the method of death is arbitrary to the presiding judge, as long as it is not prolonged (and thus cruel and unusual). Riot Control Canmephians are the first choice in being executioners. Some popular methods include:

  • Death by Kenny Impersonation
  • Death by firing squad w/random armament
  • Death by sacrifice into local volcano
  • Death by explosive charges
  • Death by "fragging"

Cases ending in the death penalty are automatically delayed for four months for automatic appeal by a seven-judge pannel. If there were no mistakes, sentence is carried out. Only four appeals can be made, and one's direct to the Supreeme Court.

Repeat offenders are tracked by Bond Wolfskunks via court order until proven fit for resumption of normal life. Failure means that the person is not sane, and must be studied.

Civil Suits

Civil suits carry the same rules and responsibilties. Out-of-court settlements must be approved by a court, be public, and cannot be used to silence litigants.

Supreeme Court

The Federal Supreeme Court, the last avenue of appeals, is held by a Cheif Justice, usually an Oracle or Historian WolfSkunk, and six fellow judges. Hours are 9-5, 6 days a week, Judgments in three weeks time. The Supreme Court has the power to revoke a law, or order a complete rewrite of a law if the law is too vague or confusing to allow itself to be carried out.

Judical Power

Judges have the capability to order an independent investigation. These are usually done in cases which the prosecuting group is abusing existing systems and laws, and proved in a case. Investigations are usually done by independent SputWolfskunks, or teams of investigators made up of Observer, Detective, and Kitsume or Agent Canmephians. Bond WolfSkunks are also brought on board. Such investigations are ordered rarely.

Consitutionally Garunteed Rights

The Canmephian World Consitution, since it's initall passage and further adoption worldwide, was ammended to give rights to it's citizens. A few to note are:

  • You have the freedom of responsible speech. The government cannot restrict what you say as long ad you take responsibility for it. If you do not, or can not, you may be ordered into state custody to find out what the !*)@#( is wrong with you. The courts have free reign to decide, case by case, if a person's speech is responsible or not.
  • You have the freedom of responsible press. As long as you can stand by your work and reproduce your sources, go right ahead with your newspaper.
  • You have the freedom of assembly.
  • You have the freedom of religion, as long as it does not endanger life or limb.
  • You *DO NOT* have the freedom to bear arms. You must be given the privledge.
  • The "Miranda Admendment Rights" are required reading. You may not refuse to listen to them, they are a reminder of your rights.
  • You may plead the fifth.

Common Laws

  • By law, you may sue over documented irresponsible speech, depending on it's context.
  • By law, you may not commit murder unless saftey or protection dictates it.
  • By law, wasting bandwidth by sending unsolicitated commercial messages is punishible by a fine of $500 per incident. However, should the UCE be intentional, the higher charge of "being a spammer" may be pressed, with it's death penalty.
  • By law, commiting terrorism is treated as treason against the planet, and is punishable by death. Harboring terrorists is treated as conspiracy to commit treason. Bail is denied in all cases, and all assets are moved to court receivership.
  • By law, commiting a crime out of sheer stupidity is a misimeanor, requiring jail time for up to one year. Massive amounts of General Stupdity in Commission of a Crime is usually upgraded to a capital felony offense.