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What does a Canmephian do? Does shi just sits there or does shi order Chinese? This is what Canmephian society does.


Canmephian personalities... vary.

Almost all WolfSkunks and some Drygers complete four years of college, making it a rule never to break. Other Drygers are struggling, to which many WolfSkunks have come to their aid (for free, thankfully -- many religous insitutions have taken up this task).

All Canmephians like to have some control over their lives. Most take up a hobby or two while they're at it.


Every Canmephian knows about males, females, hermaphrodites (herms), and neuter furs, and makes a point to be accurate in the technical sence. In normal converstation, if a suitable pronoun cannot be found, the male pronoun is subsituted by default. An observant Canmephian can corrently call the right gender for the personality of a herm. Neuter Drygers, who do not have a gender, are given the male gender implicitly.

Never call a herm or a neuter Canmephian "it."

Self Defense

WolfSkunk musk is not only bad smelling, but nausiating as well. Victims will want to vomit for up to six hours. All WolfSkunks have full control over their facilities. Detective WolfSkunk spray is more powerful; SputWolfSkunk spray is enlightening for some reason; Bond WolfSkunk spray disables.

All Canmephians have retractable claws on their hands.

Sign Language (CORE ASCII)

In case of loss of hearing or war-time communication, all Canmephians are taught a different type of sign language: Core Ascii. Core ascii contains the 26 letters and 10 digits, as well as a full set of punctuation and some abreviatons for common words. It utilitizes the full hand, making the thumb "bit 0" and the little finger "bit 5". The extention of the fingers or thumb means that a particular bit is "on". For ease of use, Core Ascii is arranged in frequency order (Which means 'e' is the first letter). It is rather slower than talking, but still as reliable if more so under difficult circumstances.

Kitsumes also can talk Core Ascii through their tails. Their more flexible tails allow for a series of characters: - for 0, | for 1, / for 2 and \ for 3 in a slot along a tail, three slots each. Thus a Core ASCII 'e' would be "--|" in 'Sume TailTalk. Kitsumes's communicate right-to-left with their tails, and "scroll" the message across the tails. This method is as fast, if not faster than, talking normally.

Holidays and Religon

Canmephians do have a group of religons, based off of a core belif system, as well as some outside but compatible religons. For more on this, see the Religon document.

By law, all Canmephians celebrate:

  • New Years
  • Independence Day (a dual-meaning)
  • Christmas (a five-day holiday)
  • Memorial Day (WolfSkunk military rememberance)
  • Haloween/Day of the Dead (Dryger rememberance)

among many religious holidays.

Normal behavior

Canmephians have a slightly lower socal stigma due to the inflation abilities, and thus have a wider range of "normal" than one may expect. However, professional curdosy does apply, and everyone has a rather docile nature on the weekdays and Saturday. The upper limit on behavor is sexually suggestive, but not nude or tasteless.

On Sundays, the lower limit becomes sexually suggestive, as safe sex in public in encuraged for good mental and sexual health. For WolfSkunks, a buildup of excess semen is toxic, usually causing an inital morning sickness after six weeks and serious medical problems after two to three months. Such sickness is called "Spooge sickness".

Religous leaders make sure that the sacredness of Sundays is never disturbed, and that the young active have condems on their "weapons." Also, "Spooge-otoriums" are open durring this day, staffed by professional, licenced and regulated prostitutes -- or in this case, Yiffco technicians.

Abnormal/Kookish behavior

Canmephians are paranoid over the mentally ill, and alot of kooks have tried to escape. Folks can lodge a complaint, to which a few impartial Bonds is dispatched to shadow the subject of the complaint. After a trail period, the Bond returns with a report as to the subject's behavior. A court then decides if the SputWolfSkunks need to go in and clue in the subject. Sometimes, it's just a confused WolfSkunk or Dryger. However, a truly medically insane Canmephian can become wards of the government, where the illness is studied and treated. If treatment fails (and sometimes treatment does), a court may call for putting the poor sap to death as a lost cause. Such calls are rare, as some treatments may be developed.

Homeless Canmephians are helped by SputWolfSkunks and many churches to get them back on their paws.


Yes, folks like baseball, hockey, football, soccer, auto racing, and more. There is even a volleyball variant which emphasizes the inflatability of Canmephians -- Ballooneyball.

Food and Drink

Most human food is edible, and has their match on Canmeph 2. Various diets are followed, and various styles, including Oriental, have made their way throught society. The addition of Dryger expertise in spices has enhanced the flavors in all foods. However, some foods cause complications.

  • Lactose is indigestible. Milks and cheezes containing this causes gas, even more so for Kitsumes. Such foods are under strict govermental control, and importers are required to sign enviromental impact statements.
  • Kidney beans also cause gas, but to a lesser degree. However, chili cookoff competetions are always held outdoors, and a common set of rules are implimented.
  • Canmephian chocolate is safe for all species, unlike chocolate from Sol 3.


The biggest fair happens planet-wide durring Memorial Weekend: The Annual Chili and Cajun Cookoff and Festival. Four days of food, music, and fun. Friday starts the Cookoff, to which the best of that day compete on Saturday in Washington DC (with free air fare and freight!). Sundays hold the Size-Offs, to which the largest inflated win cash. Monday has the best bands out there compete for fame, fortune, and fans.

Similar fairs happen, including Woodstock, a five-day musicfest. Security is so tight there that you might bump into a Bond... if you're drunk.