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The Canmephian Military help alleive the security paranoia that all Canmephians have grown to know over the past centuries. Formed after the Stoned age, the military brings in almost all who apply and can pass rigourous testing.

Overall organization of the Military is, from the top down:

  • President/Commander in Cheif
  • Group of head kernels, the Cheifs of Staff
  • Seperate divisions for air, land, sea, space, and medical
  • Each division has a main Core of Engineers, Central Command, and individual troop deployments.

At least two deploymentss of each division remain alert durring the holidays in the intrests of planetary security. This has prevented many wars from happening. To date, there has been no "9/11" attack, and any invasions have been repelled.


Canmephians entering the military, even in the medical field, face hardships, extreeme training, and potentionally hazordous situations. There are a few requirements.

Enrolees must be at least 18 years old, between 9' and 15' tall, around 400 pounds in weight (depending on class and stature), have a clean (legally) background and be in good health. Breasts must be deflated beforehand, but are checked for potential volume.

From there, depending on each enrollee's talents, the incomming ensign are put into different training divisions -- the 21st Technical, the 18th Tatical, the 8th Air and Space, or the 27th Special Ops. Oracles, Polymorphs, and Philosophers are by law required to be put into Special Ops and be taught *everything*. Also, each incomming ensign's personality is tested, which enrolls them into one of several fraternities. A few are the Big Sisters, the Guild of Build, and Explosion Corp.

Basic training includes standard strength training and markmanship, as well as survival and hand-to-hand combat. Inflation-related psychological combat is also included -- nessisary against some species. This takes up to six months to complete.

Specialized training take the remaining year and six months. "KnowItAll's" take an extra six months.

Projectile Weapons

Proper training and two licences are required to own and use a firearm. The first licence proves you can own and use a firearm properly. The second, one per firearm, proves that it works properly and has been well maintained. All of this is taught by the military, although police departments and outsiders also provide such training.