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The begining

In the begining of Canmephian history, it was dark. Completely dark. So dark, only God could sleep. And of course, Shi was asleep.

Suddenly God's alarm clock goes off. God attempts to hit the snooze button, but since light hasn't been created, attempts several times. Shi finally hits a button. Unfortunately, it's the button for the detonator on a massively dense amount of mass--causing the big bang. Now enlightened, God realizes what Shi's done, swears an obsenity, disalarms the clock and goes back to bed.

From there science picks up the story.

Many scholars have asked many questions, with some surprizing answers:

  • "Where did Shi get the alarm clock?" Aparently it was Hir own, since any ad campain like "God perfers an alarm clock from Caldor" always fails, sends the person who thought about it to the hospital, and sends whoever claimed credit for the idea to "reeducation" (for such irresponsibility is a sin). Similar questions produced similar results.
  • "Is Shi awake yet?" Almost all "Acts-of-God" are explained by science, so the answer is "Not yet." It's rumored Shi has a computer detecting a few conditions and producing actions like the above -- but it's all rumor, no fact or theory to explain it.

Stone Ages

Canmephian ancestors were very much like our human ancestors, eventually discovering tools, weapons, fire, rope, the art of actually standing up*, and clothing via animal skins. Within the century, camping skills were perfected.

(* According to artifacts, the first conversation was "Ugh ow eheh." "purrumble" "GrrrrYIPE! Arrou? MMmm, purrumble.")

At the end, one waking up WolfSkunk hunched down an looked at hirself by the stream, streching hir face, and found shi could make a full rage of sounds. Curious, shi pressed on with testing and experimentation. Within 10 years, Latin was re-invented (after WolfSkunk Latin), giving rize to the...

Silver Age

Oh Rome, Dallas and Tokyo! With language, innovation. And what do you do with a few thousand curious minds? You invent! Some memorable inventions:

Names (beats "HEY YOU!") temporal distinction wheel metals art chariots buildings science and philosophy Silk and more modern clothing printing press

Initial religions were formed, eventually becoming what your religions are today, before the use of logic settled in.

The sentient species at the time were WolfSkunks (the oldest species at this current time), Draconics, and Felids (Feline creatures).

Oh yes, it was the heyday, for six centuries of medival like existance. The poplation boomed until hallusogenic plants were discovered...

Stoned Age

"Man, what a bad trip..." - a survivor

Within 20 years, everyone was stoned. Even the clergy used it to "enlighten" themselves. Starvation rates skyrocketed. Only a third survived the whole ordeal.

Five years later all the plants were harvested to extinction. Within the last year of that period, the mother Breeder was born. Evolution, ho!

Hangover Age

Medical science got a boost as WolfSkunks searched for ways of curing hangovers. The coffee bean was redescovered, and regulation of caffene began soon afterward.

The main stream of thought in religion was born after some investigation into theological matters such as the existance of God, and their direct proof.

Some modern inventions were done durring this time.

English and Japaneze were re-invented, but translating was easier.

Within the Stoned/Hangover period, both Draconics and Felids suffered near extinction. Several groups started to interbreed, giving rise to the Dryger species, enabling them to survive and be adaptive.

After 25 years, the mother Breeder and WolfSkunk Feywolf mated. By that time Feywolf got a major patent, and retired on the royalities to raise 200 kids over hir lifespan of 300+ years(not uncommon for a WolfSkunk).

These 200 sires evolved the race, giving rize to the...

Golden Age

Within a few generations, all WolfSkunks became what you see today. With that, many items were refined: airplanes, travel, communications. Spandex, latex, and synthetic fabrics made. All Drygers evolved into the wide range of species.

Observers and SputWSs created computers, then networks.

Hyperspace was discovered, giving rize to jump drives. Within a few years, human Earth was discovered. They received SETI transmissions, and made contact with Nasa:

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery: Over Houston. Object sighted.

WS SS: UFSA Laerties to NASA US Discovery, do you read? We come in peace and exploration. Over.

Disc: We read you Laerties. Welcome aboard. Over.

NASA: Houston to Laerties, please send technical specs on your ship. Over.

Laer: Confirmed, Houston. Send over your comm protocal for digital data and we'll send over the ship and our biology. Over.

NASA: Confirmed. Radio Freq? Over.

Laer: Yes. And thank the SETI group. Over.

Space Age

With that, trade, migration, and more discovery made. Furry was discovered, as was inflation, the Internet, and more. Ballonieball was invented.

Records were broken: WolfSkunk Longfellow(morphology), WolfSkunk Zippy(theology), and WolfSkunk Kinevil(sports) among the noted breakers.

Linux and other Unix like OSes ruled on Canmephian-owned computers. Microsoft instantly fell, and judges threw out reverse class action lawsuits and laws until Sol 3's legislative bodies got a clue.

The Polymorph age.

Right now, historians are recognizing the Polymorph age -- the age the highly adaptive Polymorphs, or as some say Actor class Canmephians, that are walking the planet and the skys. This age started on RedWolf's birth.

Within the time, the Drygers were released from a watchful state and introduced to the rest of the world as equals, and several other Polymorphs were discovered: Stryker, Sandra Felis, and Xilimyth.