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A guide to Canmephian culture

Welcome to Canmeph 2! We hope you enjoy your stay. This document is to get you at least familiar with the Canmephian people and it's culture. We hope you keep an open mind, because you may regard us as "not normal". Normal is relative, and we suggest you relax such a notion.


According to what you told the Customs agent, we've tailored this guide to you. This is our USA, Sol 3 edition of the guide. We're making comparative references to your government in this edition. If you would like to see the different editions, you can go to our web site at any public information kiosk or via a GlobalComm device (think PDA and video cell phone in one). (We'd like to thank Admiral WolfSkunk RedWolf for most of the information used in making this edition).

Your rights

While the government here is similar to the United States federal government, you need to know the differences between here and there. Your rights are "enumerated" in the main Planetary Consitution, a virtual contract between the government and the people.

  • You have the freedom of responsible speech. (1st enumeration)

If you take responsibility for your words, you cannot be touched by the government. Your opinion is your own, and is respected. But speech resulting in violence is not protected, for it is generally irresponsible. This is similar to your current right of free speech, but is more codified.

  • You have the freedom of responsible press. (1st enumeration)

If you go beyond taking responsibility for your words and provide proof, then it is considered responsible press and cannot be restricted by the government. This has caused more than a fair share of upheavals in the Canmephian government, we can tell you that! Corruption is rooted out fairly elegantly, and keeps our politicians in line.

  • You have the freedom of peaceful assembly. (1st enumeration)

You may assemble to discuss, to plan a peaceful protest, to peacefully protest, to practice, or to just have fun. But when it turns violent, the resulting injuries are inexcusable.

  • You have the freedom of responsible religion. (1st enumeration)

You may assemble to preach and practice any religion, as long as it does not violate any reasonable law. Approval is implied unless recorded by the courts.

Example: A religion performs human sacrifice as part of it's faith. This violates the murder statues, and thus would invalidate the practice when the murder trial is in effect. The intent is to murder.

Example: A religion, as part of it's faith, optionally fasts every seventh day in an effort to cleanse the soul. A death results during a fast. The religion cannot be touched -- the intent is not to murder.

  • You *DO NOT* have the freedom to "bear arms" or create militias.

(was 2nd enumeration, removed by the 1st amendment)

The second enumeration was badly written to be wildly interpreted, and was removed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The 1st amendment gives the government the right to regulate weaponry (including hand guns/pistols, rifles, etc) and weapons training.

  • You must recognize your fifth enumeration "Miranda" rights.

(2nd amendment and the Miranda Act of 5502)

When arrested, you will be told your fifth enumeration rights. If you do not understand them, you will be told an extended version. If you *still* do not understand them, you will be taken to a holding center where psychiatrists and teachers will ask you "Why don't you understand them?" During the time of your custody to help you understand, you cannot be quizzed by law enforcement.

These rights are: When arrested, you may remain silent. Should you break your silence, anything you say can be used in a court of law. You may "plead the fifth" -- you may choose not to incriminate yourself.

  • You must be represented by a lawyer. One will be provided if you can't

afford one of your choice.

All Canmephians realize that specialization is necessary for society to continue. A lawyer is a law specialist, and has a minimal amount of resources to help your case. You still have control over your case, however.

Common laws

A few laws may help out:

  • Religious harassment is banned. You may not involuntary convert or force

a discussion of religious matters, no matter what the religion is. (If all parties agree to have a debate over the issues, then it is completely voluntary)

  • You may not commit murder. Exceptions are limited, usually for

self-protection or safety of the community at large when warranted.

  • You may not send unsolicited commercial e-mail. Offenders may be sued

for $500 per incident. No matter what court you are in, any judgment against the offenders is entered into the court records. Repeat offenders are clued in, while hard-core offenders are declared mentally unstable for society and put to death.

  • You may not commit terrorism under penalty of death. Conspiracy to commit

terrorism is also a death penalty case, but the bar of proof is raised.

The Natives

Now that you know the laws, it's time to meet the natives. But first, a bit of semantics.

There is no 'race' here, in terms of black/latino/asian/white race. We do not apply that word to what is technically differences in genetic sequences. They're 'breeds' technically, but commonly they're 'classes'. We'll use 'class' in this term.

Native Canmephians are one of four genders: male, female, hermaphrodite (or herm for short), or neuter. They are also one of three species: WolfSkunk, Dryger, or BoaWolf. Crossbreeding does occur, for example creating DrygerSkunks. WolfSkunks (and DrygerSkunks) are always herms. Drygers and BoaWolves can be all four.

The basic (or Default class) adult Canmephian stands between 9' and 12' tall. With herms, the male genitalia is a bit more prominent due to it's anatomic arrangement -- quirk of nature. Dryger females and herms have a double set of breasts. All Canmephians have digitigrade legs, save for BoaWolves, who have a serpentine body below the hips (and therefore slither). All feet are paws, while all hands are still hands. Hands have an extra ring finger for extra grip.

While most WolfSkunks do not even have an ability to stretch themselves out along their spine, Drygers have the ability to change proportional size (The Polymorph Restriction Act thankfully restricts how large one may be in public). Also, Drygers may shapechange between their dragon half and their feline half, usually emphasized in their faces.

Base (shared) Classes

Along with the Default class, there are additional classes of Canmephians:

  • Taur -- WolfSkunk'taurs and Dryger'taurs are like centaurs of lore, but have a canine or feline lower body, respectfully. They still retain their normal height. Sometimes, a rare Hextaur is born, emphasizing the term "Six Paw Drive".
  • Nali -- Nali Canmephians have four arms and two chests in a 'stacked' configuration. This adds a second pair of breasts on WolfSkunks. Usually in construction -- they like to build. Nali's are between 12' to 15' tall.
  • Detective -- A very muscular class, with masculine traits. So muscular, their heads look small. A 15' Detective has the same head shape as a normal 12' fur. Detectives are between 12' to 15' tall.
  • Agent -- A winged Canmephian, ether with draconic or feathered wings. These, like Kitsume WolfSkunks, can take flight.
  • Polymorph -- A very rare class. These Canmephians are liquid shape-shifters. There are only a handful in society.

WolfSkunk Base Classes

WolfSkunks have these additional basic classes:

  • Breeder -- A three-breasted Wolfskunk known to be able to give birth to eight or more cubs. Usually, one or two are born from non-Breeders.
  • Kitsume -- A three-tailed Wolfskunk. The tails are able to imitate helicopter wings, and sweep the air repeatedly when used to fly.
  • Observer -- A four-eyed WolfSkunk. This may be freaky to the unaccustomed. However, Observers are like scientists, and thus proof is necessary.
  • Nurse -- A six breasted WolfSkunk. Usually they serve in medical areas.

Dual-headed Canmephian classes

In addition, there are some dual-headed Canmephians:

  • Historian -- A two headed, four eyes per head, three

breasted WolfSkunk. The two heads are held in sync with one personality with a third brain, so their chest is slightly larger. They tend to analyze both sides of an issue, and thus are in the judicial system or are writers in the press.

  • Researcher -- Two headed, three breasted, three legged, two tailed WolfSkunk. They are like Historians, but they like to read and collect, and are usually found as librarians or museum curators. Similar are Dryger Researchers, who do not sport the extra leg and tail, and breasts depend on their own individual mutations.
  • Artisian -- Two headed, six breasted, three legged, two tailed WolfSkunk. They are very very creative (must be the Nali in them), and use the extra energy to create exquisite pieces of artwork in various styles and fashions.

Combo Classes

Of course, these can be combined to create other classes:

  • Philosopher -- Nali/Observer -- Four eyed, breasted, and armed WolfSkunk. They're usually teachers and professors, as they are deep in thought (constructing knowledge).
  • Oracle -- Nali/Observer/Kitsume -- Like Philosophers but with three tails. They are perpetual students, wanting to know and apply all knowledge. Usually judges.
  • Surgeon -- Nali/Nurse -- Four armed, eight small breasts, these WolfSkunks are aces at medical surgery.
  • SputWolfSkunk -- Observer/Detective -- Striped Four eyes, strong WolfSkunks. Their brains are constantly active, and thus have formed a collective of sorts -- their headwear is integrated into their brain via a third lobe the are born with, and they form a wireless network. Unfortunately, this third lobe requires the headwear as it "leaks" wireless data and needs containment.
  • Bond -- Observer/Detective -- Four eyes, strong, but part displacer beast, able to use four tentacle-like pads to stick to walls and blend into the surroundings like a chimera.
  • Locator -- Observer/Kitsume -- Four eyed WolfSkunks. They able to find anything.
  • Explorers -- Observer/Taur -- Four eyed WolfSkunk'Taurs, with the itch to travel.

In addition, many smaller 'mutations' are quite common. Some include extra fingers, a different fur pattern, or even a dachshund of a Canmephian. Don't be surprised if something unusual catches your eye!

Telling who's who

An observant person can make out subtle differences between different Canmephians. It may be the hair, the eyes, the fur, the body shape, or the personality.

Getting arround and buying

Planetary mass transit systems, including air and train, are available at major cities. Bus and local rail service covers extensive ground too, while taxi service helps with the rest. All of these are independently owned and operated, but are extensively regulated. But that's not to say that if you can pilot a personal shuttle, you can get around.

Purchasing items requires use of ether a bank account hooked on an InfoStick (an ID), or an anonymous CardCash card. As of late, the exchange rate is 1 credit for 10 cents.

A note about Sundays

Canmephian society has it's own sexual nature, and unlike some cultures who wish to hide it, a day of rest and relaxation holds a different meaning. Your objection is noted, though, should you choose to make one, and some safe zones are available during Sundays. However, should you partake in our customs, we'll be happy for your company.