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Notes for Boawolves by Aticston.

140-160ft average

20-30 tons average

Scales are armored, but can float by filling their lungs with air to remain boyant. Only their young can float, adults have far too much armored scales and bones to remain afloat

Aticston: They are warm blooded but have a metabolism of next to zero when adults Aticston: They have to consume ALOT when they are younger Aticston: About the equivelent of a entire cow every 3 days Aticston: And thats only when they are 70ft Aticston: They can eat plants thou if animal resources are low Aticston: They can be breastfed up untill they are about 45-50ft Aticston: They reach full size within 7 years Aticston: ? Aticston: At birth they are 20-30ft, 30ft is rare Aticston: About 1-2 tons Aticston: They have 2-4 offspring per pregnancy, thou more has been reported (As many as six) Aticston: Live births Aticston: Gestation period (From conception to birth) is 4 months average, but under starvation conditions could be as high as 2 years Aticston: 4.5 months for a healthy 'large' clutch Aticston: Culture wise for their size they are quite timid Aticston: Docile in nature they do what the cobrawolves tell them to more out of fear then duty Aticston: Because they are so outnumbered Aticston: If cornered thou they are VERY aggressive Aticston: Cornered/trapped Aticston: Strength wise they are capable of lifting over 10tons in their arms, and can crush with up to 100 tons of force with their coils Aticston: Their scales are armored, being up to a quarter inch thick. Aticston: Underbelly scales being wider and longer, and half a inch thick and thicker Aticston: Due to the hair on their bodys the scales are shed like skin in pieces, not as entire moltings Aticston: The hair comes up thick and bushy between the scales

Due to their mass and a special bio engineered density of their scales they mirror a density of that of adamantium, the scales themselves being nearly indestructible. This makes them bulletproof and near energy absorbant, thou enough plasma firepower will kill them with time (Cooks their internal organs causing death). Also this makes their scales light, so when holding their breath makes them boyant enough to cross water. Can hold their breaths for up to 2 hours underwater, thou with training can be increased to 4 hours.

They have 5 finger hands, them and their arms are scaled and fur covered exactly like the rest of their body, but the scales are MUCH thinner, less then 1/8th of a inch thick, which is one of the boawolves weakpoints, as they are bulletproof but because of their smaller girth can be heated quickly. Their eyes are also vunerable, bright lights can often blind them due to their increased sensitivity due to bio-genetics, can see into the infared and (VERY SLIGHTLY) into the radioactive waves. Almost ALWAYS you will find boawolves wearing special goggles that will darken instantly to bright light (close Explosions, flashbangs etc) to prevent temporary blindness

Each boawolf has 4 hearts, all pumping in unison at about 30BPM which is fast for their size, which keeps their body temperture at about 98Farenhiet (They are warm blooded), thou they CAN drop or raise their body temperture to match their enviroment as much as 20 degree's, thou the colder they get the slower they get as their body fights to maintain metabolisim if they run out of food (Another one of the boawolf flaws, they can survive in the arctic indefinitly with food, but at the cost that it takes almost half of their normal food intake more per day to heat their bodys)

Boawolves eat in a snake like fashion, able to swallow a animal that is up to twice its girth. This gives the boawolves the appearence of a much thicker neck (Wider and thicker then a wolfskunks), the extra girth and skin of it being hidden behind their heads under their mane of fur for one other reason, their hood. Each boawolf with the excess skin (Like a real cobra) can spread the hood of their scales, often to arms length outstretched if they REALLY force it wide. Their 2 huge oversized fangs fold up and into the cavity of their mouths, but they can talk or eat with them folded down in the strike posistion. The venom they use is a paralizing neurotoxin, capable of shutting down the entire body in low doses, or in high doses a wolfskunk (The cobrawolves flaw in their venom against wolfskunks, not enough venom and not nearly as powerfull as their boawolf ilk). If over-injected it has the ability to shut down the victims brain, causing braindeath and killing their prey.

They have no set furpattern or color, and are often associated to their placement depending on their color.

Boawolves have both male and female genitalia, their female ferility cycle comes at every 45 days on average with a ferility period of 15 days total to be inseminated. The male genitalia is up front, under semi-formed 'hips' (They have no pelvic bone), while the female genitalia is located 20ft from the end of their coils. The male genitalia is most often ALWAYS a bright scarlet pink color, and is on average 8-10ft long and half a foot wide.

Boawolves are cross-fertile with wolfskunks (This was made by design, since capture and breeding with wolfskunks is a priority to increase their ranks). The lifespan of a boawolf is on average 200 years, and is not determined if they can reach older then that, as their oldest boawolf around (Aticston) is only 30 years old. Due to their almost preditory like immune system and biological upkeep in their bodies, they hardly ever can die from disease or sickness, the most common case for death in boawolves will be heart failure (Like a cobrawolf) across 2 or more hearts. Wounds on a boawolf regenerate quickly, an entire arm might take a year to regrow, an eye might take a month etc (All stuff Aticston was exsposed to for final testing). Cutting the coils in half is instantly fatal due to blood loss, and if not that loss of essential organs for life.

They have a extreamly well designed water intake system, requiring little of none drinking fluids as they recieve almost all needed drinking water through their food by an advanced form of oxidative phosphorylation process.